Memoways is building a product to retain and increase audiences through custom video experiences.

Beyond YouTube publication, our video platform promotes content discovery and drives exploration in a way that triggers engagement.

Ready to take your video content to the next level ?

The future of video

Video is not a static file anymore — press play and stay passive — but part of a living and evolving content stream: navigate and become active !

We are building a video portal where

  • Eyes stay on your messages
  • Audiences get involved in your stories
  • Engagement leads to conversion

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Founded in 2011, Memoways has built mobile video storytelling apps and interactive video experiences on the web.

Now the time is come to convert this expertise into a simple to use online tool.

The team

Ulrich Fischer
Ulrich Fischer
Founder, Web Video Expert, CEO.

Dan Wechsler
Dan Wechsler
CFO, Business Development.