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Comet, our interactive video platform

Imagine: you watch a video about your favorite topic and want more. This simple need is often difficult to fulfill when you are surfing on the web, because content is not organized in the way you want or need it.

With Comet, you can narrow down the video selection to the topics you are interested in. You can even gather specific moments within longer videos to get more in depth details. And your topic is always connected to other related topics, so you can discover more videos within your field of interest.

But that’s not all: Comet enables the intuitive and playful creation of personnalized playlists.

Comet is not another video player: it’s a video platform that empowers content creators to deliver more of their valuable content to their audiences, in a managed, personalized and dymamic way.

Bottom line: the audience stays longer on your content stream because Comet facilitates curated discovery, triggers personal exploration and empowers individual creation of shareable playlists.

Kura, our online video editor

You need to leverage the videos of your YouTube channel and get more clics and viewing time. You would like to valorize valuable footage that has not found it’s place within your edited videos.

You would like to show your expertise in a specific domain, by linking your videos to already existing videos on YouTube. Kura gives you all of that in an intuitive and collaborative way.

You can add descriptive keywords within the videos, select the videos you want to bring to your audience and publish the project to the Comet platform. You create original and dynamic video collections just by adding words to your videos. Your audience can then discover, explore and interact with your project!


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